TDOA X1B Drone Detection

A single X1B can independently detect and identify drones. Multiple X1Bs can network to locate and track drones via TDOA algorithm.

X1B features super-wide frequency coverage, long working range and strong anti-interference capability. It is suitable for deployment in complex urban environments.

(drone detection,drone defense,counter drone,counter UAS,anti drone,anti UAS,jammer)



☑ Work mode:
RF sensing, TDOA
☑ Target:
Drone image-transmission signal
☑ Frequency:
100MHz – 6GHz
☑ Work range:
2-6KM radius
☑ Drone numbers:
≥10 (simultaneously)


TDOA X1B Drone Detection

TDOA X1B Drone Detection

TDOA X1B Drone Detection demo