H1C Briefcase Style Drone Detector

H1C portable drone detector is a briefcase style drone detection device for drone monitoring.

It is used for monitoring drone information such as SN code, model, location (longitude/latitude, azimuth, distance), speed, height, altitude, home spot,controller location(longitude/latitude, azimuth, distance) etc(only to certain protocols).

H1C works offline or online (optional). It is easy to carry, deploy, and use via touch screen.

(drone detection,drone defense,counter drone,counter UAS,anti drone,anti UAS,jammer)



☑ Controller location:
Locate cotroller (pilot) (long./lat.)(only to certain protocols)
☑ Drone location:
Locate drones (long./lat./height)(only to certain protocols)
☑ Sole ID:
Unique drone SN code(only to certain protocols)
☑ Trajectory tracking:
Real time display of drone trajectories(only to certain protocols)
☑ Black and white list:
Able to identify and tag "friend" and "foe"(only to certain protocols)
☑ Multiple devices networking
Multiple devices networked to cover large area
☑ Touch screen operation
Touch screen for easy operation
☑ Instant ON
Ready to use in seconds
☑ Highly portable
Briefcase style, easy to carry